Brrrrr-eaking News from Melt Bakery Posted on 12 Dec 13:34

It's DECEMBER - can you believe it? We can't! Catch up on everything new at Melt Bakery in our latest blog.

Meet Melt: Lovelet Posted on 16 Nov 12:37

Debuted on St. Valentine’s Day in 2011 alongside the original, heart-shaped Sweetpea, Lovelet introduced the widely popular red velvet cake to the ice cream sandwich arena. This absolutely iconic Melt ice cream sandwich was conceived by Chef Julian’s partner, Daniel, and was an instant, runaway hit.

October Just Got Cooler Posted on 25 Oct 14:16

Leaves are turning vibrant shades of red and orange, the humidity is falling, leaving a slight chill in the air, and cute little pumpkin people are showing up on neighborhood doorsteps  these are just a few of the things we’re grateful for this bright and beautiful October.

Meet Melt: Classic Posted on 11 Oct 07:00

Every once and awhile we like to highlight some of the exciting things we’re doing at Melt Bakery—whether it’s events, new flavors, or new store openings. But we wanted to step back a bit and give you a look behind the curtain.

Kareem and I (Julian) are the stars behind Melt Bakery and have been making these delicious ice cream sams for seven years now. And Melt has grown from a small storefront to a city-wide sensation in that time! Melt couldn’t have done it without its co-founders, and of course our ice cream-loving fans. 

But the real stars at here at Melt Bakery? The sandwiches! And we wanted to shed a little more light on one of our favorites—the Classic.


So, what’s the Classic ice cream sandwich all about? Well, it was the first concoction we ever came up with, and it’s one of our best sellers! Combining chocolate chip walnut cookies and classic vanilla ice cream, this sam is an essential flavor in our ice cream sandwich arsenal. Some interesting ingredients in this delicious treat are Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla for a rich sweetness and walnuts for a much-needed crunch. 

And why’s it so special? Because it’s a recipe that comes from our childhood! The cookies come from our mom’s family recipe, and the ice cream is a reincarnation of our favorite frozen custard recipe growing up. We value family here at Melt, and this sandwich brings us back to our roots. It holds a special place in our hearts, and we truly love this tasty little guy.

Now I’m sure you’re dying to know—how can you get your hands on one of these deliciously decadent treats? Well, you’ve got options! 

Stop by one of our two stores—our flagship location on Orchard Street in lower Manhattan, or our new location in Dumbo on Front Street. 

If you’re a bit too far to make it down to one of our locations, don’t panic! Stop by one of our carts around the city. You can find us at the High Line (on 15th and 30th street), at Washington Square Park, and at Urbanspace Garment District! You’ve got sugar cravings, and we’ve got the ice cream to satisfy them.

We also offer delivery up to 96th street in Manhattan! Because sometimes getting out of bed sounds like the worst idea in the world—don’t worry, we get it! 

You can also order delivery through one of our partners which includes Postmates, UberEATS, and GrubHub

Another option is sending gifts! We do longer distance deliveries too. If you meet the delivery minimum, we can send these succulent sams to your door! 

Stay up to date with all things Melt by subscribing to our newsletter & following us Facebook, Twitter & Instagram! Have questions? Contact a member of our team today. 

Stay cool – j + k

What’s New at Melt Bakery Posted on 17 Aug 18:07


Can you believe it’s been over 7 years since Melt Bakery opened its doors? It’s insane! Some things have changed since day one - except our dedication to bringing you mouthwatering ice cream cookie sandwiches that are almost too Instagramable to eat.

This year marks our 7th season on the High Line, our 6th year at Mad. Sq. Eats and other UrbanSpace markets, and our 4th season in Washington Square Park. In addition to that, we’ve worked hard to open our second year-round location at 111 Front Street in Dumbo! We’re also focusing on a seasonal menu that’s more exciting than ever, and still keeping quality in the hands of people as we continue to expand.

I wanted to take a step back and talk about myself. I’m Julian, the pastry chef and co-founder at Melt Bakery. I worked for 8 years in the fine arts before I decided to head back to school for Pastry & Baking at ICE—following your dreams really does work out for the best!

While I was working at Lever House Restaurant, my business partner Kareem and I met through a mutual friend who I was teaching to bake. We hit it off, and when the time came for me to start looking for my own project, Kareem was the best motivator, architect, and partner. It’s been seven years and Melt Bakery is more bustling than ever! We plan to continue putting ice cream sandwiches in your hands and smiles on your faces.

If you’ve never had a Melt Bakery ice cream sandwich, you should definitely swing by one of our locations listed below: 

  • 132 Orchard St, Manhattan
        • 111 Front St, Brooklyn
        • High Line (15th St)
        • High Line (30th St)
        • Washington Square Park
        • Mad. Sq. Eats (September 2-29 at General Worth Square)
        • Urbanspace Garment District (September 18 - October 27 on Broadway between 39th & 40th)

We also offer delivery up to 96th St and in parts of Brooklyn—because sometimes, the thought of getting out of bed just makes your head hurt. And if we don’t deliver to you directly, we are partnered with a number of food delivery services that are sure to reach you! These include UberEATS, Postmates, and GrubHub.

Now, onto our upcoming events! In 2017, we’re back at your favorite entertainment and food events! Last weekend we were at Panorama, and a few weeks before that we were at the Grand Bazaar’s Ice Cream Blizzard! Those were a lot of fun, and we will continue that momentum going forward at ComicCon, AfroPunk, the Blues BBQ at Hudson River Park Pier 97, and, Electric Zoo! Stay tuned—there are many more in the works! 

And if you’re interested in having us cater your upcoming event, contact us today!

What more can you expect from us going forward? More cookies, more events, and even more Melt updates! (You might even get sick of us, but then you’ll remember how good our ice cream sandwiches taste, and you’ll forgive us.)

All that leaves is the August Flavor of the Month! (Or rather, flavors)!

We’ve got Debbie = Chewy Oatmeal Cookies + Butterscotch Ice Cream! “Blondie,” anyone? And don’t miss Seduction = Double Chocolate Cookies + Joe Coffee Waverly Espresso Ice Cream! Who doesn’t love local collaborations, right?

That’s the big news for now – sign up for our email newsletter to be the first to find out what’s new at Melt! 

See you soon,

 j & k

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