Melt Bakery Ice Cream Sandwiches

Established in 2010, founders Julian and Kareem came together to add a little bit of sweetness to the lives of their fellow New Yorkers in the form of delicious ice cream cookie sandwiches. Meet Melt Bakery. Melt Bakery started by selling ice cream sandwiches out of a cooler, with a lot of hard work and dedication. Now, you can find Melt Bakery ice cream sandwiches all across the city in storefronts, food carts, and markets. This just goes to show how much you can achieve when you follow your dreams!

If you’ve never heard of Melt Bakery before, we’re happy to fill you in! Our specialty at Melt is delicious ice cream sandwiches both in bite-sized mini and regular sizes. Some of our most popular flavors include the Lovelet (Red Velvet Meltcakes + Cream Cheese Ice Cream), the Cinnamax (Snickerdoodles + Cinnamon Ice Cream), and the Classic (Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies + Vanilla Ice Cream). These are just a few of the stars at Melt Bakery, and every once in awhile we like to throw in some seasonal combos that really wow our customers (and even ourselves, when we’re feeling especially clever!). You can meet all our Regular-Sized Ice Cream Sandwiches and Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches online and in our two brick and mortar locations, and even get them delivered.

If you wanna get your hands on these flavorful sams, you’ve got a number of options. First, you can head on over to our storefront locations in Manhattan’s Lower East Side at 123 Orchard St. and in Brooklyn’s DUMBO at 111 Front St.  These are our year-round locations. If you’re looking for some sweet relief during the Fall, Spring, or Summer, we can be found in a variety of markets across the city. Find out where here. We also deliver 7 days a week through our partners Postmates, GrubHub, and UberEATS. If you’re looking for a wholesale order, or want an event catered, find out more here.

We love our ice cream sandwiches, and our friends across the city love them too because a lot goes into making these tasty treats. Our pastry chef Julian is classically trained, and his love for these sams that really makes them stand out. They’re handmade with love in-house, and only the freshest, high-quality ingredients go into them. That’s why we know you’ll love them, too!

Hope to see you soon