Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

Minis = Regular Ice Cream Sandwich + Shrink Ray

Our Mini size ice cream sandwiches weigh just a slice under 2 ounces and are about 2" in diameter. The perfect, little, elegant treat! Our Minis are the cutest way to sample an exciting array of ice cream sandwiches that will leave your mouth watering. We started these minis as a way to cater to larger audiences and showcase our wide variety of signature flavors, and quickly realized that these bite-sized treats were a hit! If you’re looking for a quick, light bite, or just can’t decide on any one flavor, our Minis are the perfect ice cream sandwich option for you!

If you’re sending these as a gift, please make sure the recipient is available at the time of delivery. Our delightful Minis travel high and low, far and wide, and we pride ourselves on our ability to keep them at the perfect temperature for consumption. Unfortunately, if left out and forgotten for too long, they will melt. PLEASE don’t let these cute little mini sams become puddles of would-be deliciousness - provide a backup phone number in the notes field at checkout!