Hey all you ice cream lovers out there!  Want to get some delicious ice cream sandwiches or a pint delivered?  You’re STILL in luck! Our delivery partners are still making deliveries local to our Orchard Street shop.

THANK YOU so much for your support during this time, it means the world to us and we're truly lucky to have a base of support that keeps us afloat.

Order Food Delivery with DoorDash

Our partners deliver Sun-Thu 12p-7p, and Fri-Sat 12p-9p (from Orchard St. only).

If you need delivery slightly farther - up to 96th street in Manhattan, and as far east in Brooklyn as Bedford-Stuyvesant and as far south as Park Slope - hit up our own online shop here and we’ll get them out to you!  From our own site:

  • PLEASE NOTE that at this time things are moving more slowly than normal so if you are unable to order via our delivery partners above - feel free to submit an online order, keeping in mind that our turnaround time will be longer than normal, and same-day orders at this time may be difficult. We will as always do our best for you!
  • We deliver to your door Monday-Friday from 10:30a-7:30p
  • $60 minimum from our online shop + delivery fee
  • Two-hour lead time for earliest delivery
  • If you need an order on a weekend, please order via one of our delivery partners, above.  If that won't suit, just give us a call! (646) 535-MELT

If these delectable sams aren’t for you, that's even better - our treats make perfect gifts!  If you’re sending a gift: make sure you provide a second contact number in the “notes” section at checkout, just in case we need to get in touch with you!  Our sams are resilient, but we don’t want to leave them out for too long in case they… well... melt.

PLEASE NOTE: The following details are for informational purposes only - our Party Packs WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE until further notice.


Hosting a party? We’ve got you covered!

Our new party packs come in fully assembled styrofoam coolers that can sit right on your buffet table. They arrive in a sturdy cardboard box, too, so they’ll make it safely to your display! They come in two sizes:

  • Small: 25 regulars OR 50 minis ($240)
  • Large: 50 regulars OR 100 minis ($390)

The sandwiches are easily labeled with easy to identify name tags. Get your choice of Classic, Lovelet, Morticia, Cinnamax, Thick Mint, and more! Prices include sandwiches, buffet-ready cooler, dry ice, and delivery. Email us here!


Thank you again everyone - be safe and happy eating!