Morticia Ice Cream Sandwich

$ 5.00

Morticia = Crackly Chocolate Cookies + Malted Chocolate Rum Ice Cream

Named after the first lady of the Addams family, our Morticia ice cream sandwich is a dark and elegant delight! Made with crackly chocolate cookies and malted chocolate rum ice cream, one bite of this rich and irresistible sandwich will leave you desperate for more. The crackly chocolate cookie tastes like the inside of a rich and creamy ice cream cake, while the malted chocolate rum ice cream is exquisite and full of deep and delicious flavor reminiscent of childhood milkshakes. Months of careful experimentation led to this perfectly balanced ice cream sandwich that puts all others to shame.

Chef’s Note: “One of my favorite ice creams I’d made in restaurants was malted chocolate rum. The malt is the star for me and reminds me of milkshakes I had as a kid, and ones I made for people at a drive-in restaurant in my hometown.”