Mini Morticia Ice Cream Sandwich

$ 3.00

Morticia = Mini Crackly Chocolate Cookies + Malted Chocolate Rum Ice Cream

Need a chocolate fix? You’ve come to the right place! Our Mini Morticia is the perfect chocolatey treat for you cocoa lovers out there, and its size gives you just the treat you were looking for. Not too big, not too smallit’s the mama bear of the ice cream sandwich world! With its crackly chocolate cookies and malted chocolate rum ice cream, this decadent combo will leave you breathless. The cookies holding this sam together are reminiscent of the inside of an ice cream cake, while the decadent malted rum will take you back to the malted chocolate milkshakes of your youth. Get your hands on the Mini Morticia todayyour taste buds will thank you.

Chef’s Note: “Why ‘Morticia?’ Like the first lady of the Addams family — she’s a little elegant and all in black!”