Thick Mint Ice Cream Sandwich

$ 5.00

Thick Mint = Double Chocolate Cookies + Peppermint Ice Cream

If you love Peppermint Patties and Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies, then the Thick Mint is definitely for you! Even if you’re not a mint fan, this deliciously refreshing sandwich might quickly convert you. Created during the holiday season of our very first year, this invigorating sweet treat has been a favorite ever since. It combines crisp peppermint ice cream and a rich DOUBLE chocolate cookie. Yes. You read that rightDOUBLE. Because regular old chocolate chip cookies just won’t cut it when paired with this rich and rejuvenating peppermint ice cream. The combination is a fulfilling and fresh ice cream sandwich that is as pure as it is pretty. Don’t suffer through another unsatisfying mint treat ever again!

Chef’s Note: “You’ll note that the peppermint ice cream is not green!  We use only pure, food-grade peppermint essential oil to flavor this ice cream. The result is a crisp, crystal-clear peppermint flavor that’s as refreshing as it is enjoyable.”