Classic Ice Cream Sandwich

$ 5.00

Classic = Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies + Vanilla Ice Cream

Combining high-quality ingredients and simple, quintessential flavors, our Classic ice cream sandwich is anything but basic. Another family recipe, our original sandwich combines a chocolate chip walnut cookie with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla ice cream that’ll leave your tastebuds begging for just one more bite. Now you might be wonderingwhy add walnuts? And you wouldn’t be the first! These little nuts make the cookies taste better, and heighten the textural experience of the sandwich itself. Even if walnuts aren’t your thing, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll convert once trying one of these sweet treats.

Chef’s Note: “This is made from my Mom’s cookie recipe. The ice cream is the result of testing to recreate my favorite local frozen custard in upstate New York as a kid.”