Cinnamax Ice Cream Sandwich

$ 5.00

Cinnamax = Snickerdoodles + Cinnamon Ice Cream

Mom’s snickerdoodles are the inspiration behind our delicious Cinnamax ice cream sandwich. Combining cinnamon sugar cookies and cinnamon ice cream, this nostalgic favorite will take you back to your childhood with its rich, round flavor and “true” cinnamon taste. We only use the best ingredients - including fine Saigon cinnamon -  in order to stay true to our humble roots, and our dedication is apparent once you take your first bite. Twelve months of trial and error went into crafting this signature recipe, and its mouthwatering flavor is the proof.

Chef’s Note: “I wanted to make something that expressed cinnamon very clearly, without it being a “complementary” flavor, as it so often is. The best thing I could think to pair a cinnamon ice cream with was the Snickerdoodle, an epic cinnamon sugar cookie that I knew well and loved from childhood, and an old fave.”